Wireless chargers make charging more convenient

Wireless charging for constant energy


Embedded Charging

The wireless charger can make your desktop neat and tidy, so that you are not annoyed by the messy desktop


Simple and stylish

The product can be placed horizontally or vertically; Play it horizontally to watch movies, or vertically to have a conversation.


Soft light wireless charging

The product is not only a night light but also a wireless charger. The product has a total of three kinds of light can be adjusted.

Some Cute And Creative Wireless Chargers

The product styling is very creative card love. The product can achieve wireless charging, as long as you put your mobile phone on it can charge your mobile phone, very convenient. The product can trickle charge to avoid overcharging damage to the mobile phone battery. The product can also be used as a night light, his light is very soft, placed on the bedside will not stimulate your eyes.

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